Supporting Mobility

"I worked with Tor to get my office sorted. She's done a fab job, it's something I couldn't physically manage, she's one hard-working lady" 

Y, Homeowner

It's important to feel comfortable and content at home, we help you to make your environment clutter-free and safer by decluttering, organising and cleaning. 

Our mobility support plan is to improve the wellbeing and safety of all individuals who have a mobility impairment. We are not here to judge you and please be assured all decisions regarding your possessions will be made by you - we are the helping hands and the legwork. 

This plan focuses on improving your environment by following your instructions on what needs to happen, or, if you're not sure, we work with you to find the solutions and share the tools for getting the right storage and keeping organised. 

We also do regular support where we can keep things tidy and clean on your behalf, these sessions can run as frequently as needed.